Montgomery Manifesto #Podcast: Episode 020: #Summer #Blockbuster #Preview 2013

This week on Montgomery Manifesto we return to talk about SO MUCH STUFF! We talk about my new web series The Angry Life Coach. The Potential for me doing LIVE STREAMS of the podcast records. We talked the XBOX ONE, New ‘TV’ Studios from Hulu, Amazon, Microsoft and Netflix! We did a review of the Hatfields and McCoys, and talked about Content Creator Ryan North!

Last but certainly not least we did an ENTIRE preview of Nerd Friendly Summer Blockbusters hitting the theaters this summer! One of my all time favorite topics!

We encourage you to head on OVER to iTunes and subscribe to the podcast and leave us a FIVE STAR REVIEW! Your continued support makes me feel like a real man with real chest hair.

Click here to listen to Episode 20!

Manifesto Show Podcast


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