Montgomery Manifesto #Podcast: Ep 019: Rho Talks WoW!

This week on Montgomery Manifesto we have the MOST special of GUESTS! Rho from the Realm Maintenance Podcast and All Things Azeroth as well as Something Suggestive and Convert To Raid joined us to talk about World of Warcraft Podcasting, and not many folks know more about Podcast and Warcraft than Rho! We talked about the 3 podcasts every person new to Warcraft should probably check out as well as 3 diamonds in the rough that a lot of people SHOULD be listening to. Rho was a very humble guy, a great guy to talk to, and I’m stoked to have that interview FINALLY UP!

If you want to find out more about RHO please follow him on TWITTER and follow Realm Maintenance on TWITTER.

We also talked about THE ROCK and BAUTISTA battling it out… in Hollywood. George Lucas pissing off J.J. Abrams and a very exciting Justice League Movie Rumor floating around in our Nerd Culture segment.

We talked about Marc Maron and Ryan Secrest in our Content Creator NEWS section. Now there’s a weird combo.

We also feature Daniel J. Lewis from the Audacity to Podcast and Noodle Network  in a TWO FOR! He’s both our TIP of the WEEK and CONTENT CREATOR of the WEEK!

LASTLY, the latest updates on what happened to ME in the world of CONTENT CREATION, updates on THE STARTING ZONE and ANGRY LIFE COACH. It was a very FULL podcast!

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Click here to Listen to EPISODE 19!

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