Montgomery Manifesto #Podcast: Ep 016: Big Crunchy Web Comics

This week on Montgomery Manifesto we talk to Mr. Stephen Bobbett from BIG CRUNCH COMICS! Stephen is the cartoonist for this really excellent web comic, and it was beyond Awesome to pick his brain about what he’s doing in the world of content creation! Please, go check him out by clicking the link above. ALSO! This week we get into some listener feedback, a little Star Wars, We have 2 brand new segments, you have to check out. Also, we talk about Whores, because who doesn’t like to talk about Whores!

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2 responses to “Montgomery Manifesto #Podcast: Ep 016: Big Crunchy Web Comics

  1. David

    About your news regarding the upcoming sequels and non-sequel Star Wars movies I have a concerns about the direction they are headed. I am a huge Star Wars fan and would love to see more “adult” oriented movies like the Star Trek reboot. If they want to keep the sequels aimed at kids (sigh) I guess I am fine with that, but then give the people who grew up with the original movies who are now adults (cough), non-sequels movies that speak to us.

    Great show keep up the good work.

    • thanks for the feedback, David, it is a tough challenge indeed. Cater to the next generation of fans as well as the old while offering something completely new. Gonna be quite the undertaking.

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